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Who We Are

We specialize in gentle care for the entire family. The patient experience is incredibly important to us. We are a Christian-driven practice that offers a boutique experience, at affordable prices. This means that we bring specialized, gentle chiropractic techniques, a high level of service, and expertise on specific conditions and difficult cases, at prices families can afford. 

Our Focus

Families. We have philosophical roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine, understanding the connection between the health of the parents, and the health of their children. We also believe that it is easier to raise healthier children, than to fix unhealthy adults. We promote starting chiropractic care early, to ensure healthier, and happier, adults. 

Our Specialty

Providing gentle chiropractic techniques. Techniques that offer an alternative to the traditional twisting, turning, popping, and cracking. This provides the opportunity to serve those that are apprehensive about care, because of what is associated with many of the traditional chiropractic techniques. 

Our Goals

To reach as many families as possible in the Brandon, Florida, and surrounding areas, and bring them to better health. To offer high quality, affordable care, helping to heal all those that walk through our door. 

What Does A Chiropractor Do Exactly?

Chiropractors simply reduce nerve interference, at the level of the spine, to allow the body to heal from the inside-out. By gently moving the bone into its proper position, it helps to reduce the inflammation that is compression the nerve, causing your pain. Chiropractors may also incorporate the use of modalities like electrotherapy, which helps to promote and speed the healing process, as well as physiotherapy which helps rehabilitate the muscles and the ligaments.