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Chiropractic care offers real relief to aches and pains by addressing not only the functional problems, but your underlying symptoms as well. Dr. Stewart uses state of the art diagnostic tools and techniques to safely, and accurately, find the root of your pain. Once the source is determined, Dr. Stewart will then provide you with treatments and a plan for recovery. 

Dr. Stewart utilizes Chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy and nutrition to give her patients relief. Through a technique called Prone Specific, you will get amazing results without the typical jarring that can be associated with some chiropractic adjustments. Prone Specific uses light and gentle manipulations to adjust your spine without twisting. 

When needed, your adjustment will be coupled with physiotherapy and/or nutritional testing. The type of Physiotherapy used often varies from patient to patient. Dr. Stewart will explain to you if Physiotherapy could be beneficial for you and if so, what type(s) would work best for you. It may vary from Physiotherapy done in the office during your visit, or exercises or additional tools for you to take with you and complete at home. Physiotherapy can help to speed the healing process and allow you to start feeling better faster. If your nutrition needs to be addressed, Dr. Stewart will discuss that with you as well. To learn more about how Dr. Stewart determines your nutritional needs, click here.


Low Back Pain 

Sciatic Nerve Radiation

Neck Pain


Personal Injury cases including Auto Accidents

Knee pain

Hip pain

Women's Hormone Imbalance 

Nutritional Imbalances

Autoimmune Nutritional Support

& much much more!


Full Spine Adjusting 

Intersegmental Traction 




Therapeutic Ultrasound

Functional Movement Evaluations

School/Sports Physicals

Dietary/Lifestyle Counseling & Management 

Ergonomics Evaluations

Therapeutic Exercises & Stretches

Ice & Heat Therapy 


Happy Patients




I don't have insurance. Can I still be seen in your office?

Yes! We will let you know all costs up front and determine what works best for you. Our self-pay options are comparable to insurance costs.   

How much will it cost?

Because each case is different, we are unable to give you exact numbers prior to coming in. However, your consultation with Dr. Stewart is free of charge. We promise to let you know what any fees would be prior to doing anything. 

Do you treat personal injury cases?

Yes! We are more than happy to help you on your road to recovery when it comes to personal injury cases (automobile or slip & fall). However, we do not do workman's compensation at this time.

If I come once do I have to come forever?

No. The number of visits to address your concerns varies by individual and condition. However, once your concerns have been addressed it is up to you whether you wish to continue Chiropractic care in a preventative, or maintenance, capacity. Think of it as going to the dentist for specific tooth pain, and then going to the dentist for regular cleanings to prevent further problems. 

Do you treat children? How old do they have to be?

We treat children and adults of all ages! From hours old to 90+ years old, we welcome all!

Do you do school or sports physicals?

Yes! We would be happy to help get your child school and/or sports ready. 

What insurance do you accept?

We accept all insurances! At your first appointment we can check your insurance coverage. We will let you know all costs up front, prior to doing anything. 

How often do I have to go?

This is dependent upon your specific case. Some individuals wish to seek preventative care, or a maintenance plan, and will visit our office approximately 1-2 times per month. For others with more complex cases, they maybe required to start out at 2-3 times for the first few weeks and then decrease their frequency upon improvement in their condition. (With the goal of moving to a maintenance plan) Because this varies from person to person, an exact timeline can't be given ahead of time. However, Dr. Stewart will give you a full report of findings at your second appointment so you know exactly what to expect moving forward. 

How do I schedule an appointment?

You can call or text our office at (813) 320-8548, use our form here, or email us at info@drnicolestewart.com!

Learn More About Chiropractic itself here

Military and

First Responder Program 

Did you know that we have a special program for those special men and women that do so much for us? 

If you wish to take advantage of this program, please bring one of the following with you to your first visit: USPIC card, VA Benefits card, Tricare card, or department ID. 

We have also joined forces with The Patriot Project. This is a grass roots movement to provide chiropractic care to all Active Military, Wounded Warriors, & Gold Star dependents. The project is working to grow the availability of chiropractic services to military personnel. At Stewart Chiropractic, we are incredibly thankful for our Military and First Responders, offering a unique and special discounted program that allows these individuals to receive care at an affordable rate. However, partnering with The Patriot Project gives us the opportunity to treat those who qualify, at no charge. 


*Please note: The Patriot Project is a volunteer based program that Chiropractors across the nation choose to participate in. It is a non-profit organization aimed at growing Chiropractic services for military personnel.  Chiropractors that sign this pledge agree to treat one qualifying patient per week. However, it is up to the Chiropractor if they wish to take on more qualifying patients, and the selection process. To learn more about this program, please visit www.patriot-project.org. Please note that our office has a rotating cap for the qualifying number of patients and visits per week. One qualifying participant per household at a time. To learn more about the program, if there or spaces currently available, and/or to see if you qualify, please email us, or call/text us at 813-320-8548. 



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